Kaldrma is a Belgrade based Sound Post Production Studio with over a decade of experience in Cinema, TV, Radio, Advertising and digital projects.


Who we are is not just what we do because we can do anything and we take pride in our quality, constant progress, speed, efficiency and accuracy. But we are not like everyone else. We know that in the same way that looking at pictures makes you see a whole new world, listening to extraordinary arranged sounds makes you hear and feel differently. Our vocation is to make a perfect sound and

we love our job.


We need to be honest with you.

Kaldrma was a secret society. We didn’t have a single ad and we didn’t have a web page until the end of 2012. Our clients, from all parts of this world, were visiting our special club personally more and more often, becoming extremely satisfied with our actions, leaving happy and always coming back. We are not going to tell you the old name of Kaldrma but our acts were all around you and you are able to see and recognize them here.
Kaldrma is in one of the streets that you always need to pass by even if it makes the journey longer. In the end it makes a better day...

Kaldrma is a good road. That is what it means.