9 Muses of Star Empire

"9 Muses of Star Empire", a year-long chronicle that follows a journey of an all girl pop group "9 Muses", portrays the every-day life of nine girls, relentlessly pursuing their dreams in a world of jealousy, betrayal, and scandal. "9 Muses" is an emerging girl group, aspiring to perform on a national stage and gain worldwide fame just like millions of others. For that, the girls have decided to set everything aside and live as one of the Muses for "Star Empire"; the entertainment company which created and coordinated every move. What's the price they must pay for their dreams?


What is hiding behind the number 37?

In production.


Recommended as a ‘must-see’ by critics of the Wall Street Journal and indieWIRE and proclaimed as the ultimate festival film at Tribeca Film Festival CINEMA KOMUNISTO takes us on a journey through the crumbling remains of Tito’s film industry, exploring the rise and fall of the cinematic illusion called Yugoslavia. Using rare footage from dozens of forgotten Yugoslav films, never-seen-before archive from film sets and Tito’s private screenings, the documentary recreates the narrative of a country, the stories told on screen and the ones hidden behind it. Stars such as Richard Burton, Sofia Loren and Orson Welles add a touch of glamour to the national effort, appearing in super-productions financed by the state.



“Unplugged” is an existential allegory about blowing into leaves, rattling between the most primitive of instruments and the most universal escapism of music. Meet Josip, amateur inventor set out to decode the artistry of leaf-playing, and the last leaf-players – Vera, ex private detective, and Pera, the know-it-all peasant – in the autumns of their lives, still going for the verdant leaves. Music has rarely been so offbeat.



Directed by Makoto Sasa
Venerable Palden Gyatso, a Buddhist monk since childhood, was arrested by the Chinese Communist Army in 1959. He spent the next 33 years in prison. He was humiliated, starved, and tortured. He watched his nation and culture destroyed, his teachers, friends and family displaced, jailed or killed under Chinese occupation.